the importance of content

Google consistently communicates, when they deem us mere-mortals worthy, that content is key. Quality, relevant content is most-likely the greatest influencer in how Google ranks a webpage and website. So content it is crucial for SEO purpose's, but the main reason to have high-value, engaging and relevant content is to achieve your online goals. Excellent copy can help you sell.

Blue Shark Digital offers content-writing services for all Digital Marketing services that it offers, incorporating SEO-optimised text where appropriate. Some of the services that may assist you achieve your online goals include:

Engaging blog content


Writing an engaging blog that users will read, share and appreciate is challenging in such a competitive and busy social world. There are several key rules that bloggers must follow in order to be viewed as interesting, authoritative and worthwhile. Blog content must follow a different content-writing style than any other aspect of digital marketing content, and cannot be written by a blog novice.

Brainstorming content

Brainstorming interesting content

In order to develop and write content that will be of interest to intended recipients, we can work with client's expert subject knowledge (their business, products and market) to brainstorm content ideas that will be engaging, interesting, useful and help reach online goals.

Fresh Interesting content

Fresh, innovative content creation

Of course, Blue Shark Digital can assist in the creation of content, incorporating the client's brand and tone, as well as tailoring the content to the intended media in which it will be communicated. For websites, it can be formal and optimised to increase search visibility, whereas on social it can be quirky and engaging. Either way, each client will have a unique content strategy formulated.


Content PLan


Blue Shark can produce, in partnership with client's, a comprehensive content plan to cover everything digital including website content, email, social, etc. A content plan can work as a fundamental component of the Digital Marketing Strategy to ensure that the tone and brand of the company are maintained and enhanced through consistency.

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