Online advertising is much more effective than traditional offline advertising. Online advertising allows you to target specific customer personas, via a huge range of attributes and behaviours, from demographics and location to affiliated products and specific online customer segments. Blue Shark Digital support a range of Online Advertising techniques which mainly fall into the following categories:

Pay Per Click Paid Search advertising

Paid Search (Pay-per-click)

Paid Search Marketing has many names and descriptions and encompasses many guises and areas of Digital Marketing. The most common type of Paid Search is Pay-Per-Click (PPC). PPC involves the process of paying an amount to Google (or other search engines) each time someone clicks on an ad with the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). How to place these ads, under which search terms (keywords), which ad text, and how to monitor the performance of these ads is the tricky part. This is where Blue Shark Digital can help.

Blue Shark Digital consultants are Google Certified Professionals in using Google Adwords and delivering on Paid Search campaigns.

Paid search marketing means you advertise within the sponsored listings of a search engine or a partner site by paying either each time your ad is clicked (pay-per-click - PPC) or less commonly, when your ad is displayed (cost-per-impression)
Display Advertising


Display Advertising is very similar to Paid Search in that it typically works on a PPC model as well. The main difference centres around the ability to include imagery and animation within the adverts to entice a click-through. Display adverts can be placed on a huge range of websites, and indeed a selection of (relevant) websites via website grouping, such as the Google Display Network. Display Advertising can be extremely effective when strategically managed and measured. Again this is where Blue Shark Digital can help.



This is a very effective form of online advertising. In short, you can target customers who have previously visited your website with extremely relevant display advertisements. You may have experienced this form of advertising before. You look at an item of clothing from an online retailer and don't proceed to purchase, yet you see the same item on a totally different website later, in the size and colour you were interested in. Again, the retailer only pays when this ad is clicked on when using the PPC model of payment. To find out more if your business is suitable for retargeting display, consult Blue Shark Digital for a free assessment.

Social Media Advertising


Social Media is becoming the main form of communication for many people, bypassing telephone calls and emails as the main contact medium for friends and family, with the average smartphone owner spending 1.72 hours a day on social media platforms (source: Global Web Index).

Each social media platform has different advertising options. With many years experience in advertising on social media, Blue Shark Digital can assess which social media platform advertising may be best suited to your business and gain the biggest return in terms of enquiries and/or sales.

Alternatively, Blue Shark Digital can devise a social media management plan to improve your presence and drive social goals. Click below to find out more.

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