how can social media work for your business

Social Media is probably one of the mis-used aspects of Digital Marketing, and indeed Marketing in general. Because it is free to setup, most businesses assume that they must have these portals. We would always advise that, unless you are going to do social RIGHT, then don't do it at all. A social media strategy is a must. Some considerations that will be central to any strategy include:

  1. Content - what is your content plan? Who will it appeal to? Is it interesting enough to like, share, retweet or pin?
  2. Branding/Tone - How will you communicate on social, and does this differ to your corporate tone?
  3. Complaints/Negativity - How will you handle and manage negative comments, online complaints and the risk to your reputation?
  4. Can you do Social better than competitors, and how will you differentiate?
  5. How will you measure your success?
Social Media is one area of business where you don’t have to outspend your competitors in order to beat them
— @halstokes

Social Media Management Services for Business

View some of our Social Media Services below:

Social Media Management for business

Social Account Management

Blue Shark Digital can manage your social media presence on a number of social platforms. We will assess which platform could work for your business and devise a content and engagement plan for your existing and potential customers bases. We do not believe the "build it and they will come" strategy, we only advise using social media under certain circumstances where it can benefit your business. Blue Shark Digital support Social Media management services in the following social platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIN
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
Bespoke Social Media campaigns

Social media campaigns

Blue Shark Digital can assist in the creation of bespoke and unique social media campaign for clients who wish to utilise social exposure for a campaign. We have a network of social media influencers who can promote the campaign and other strategies to ensure its success in a supporting or lead role in a co-ordinated marketing campaign.

How effective is social media

MEASUREMENT and conversion tracking & optimisation

With any Digital Marketing campaign, measurement is key. We will continually assess the impact of any social media campaign or strategy and make adjustments and changes where necessary, to ensure that goals are met and exceeded.

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