Your website is your online store and digital brand

Your website is your portal to the world, your main point of contact with customers online. It is important to get it right. Below are some of the website services that we offer.

Web Design

New Website Build

If your website is no longer fit for purpose, you may need to embark on a new website project. With many years experience in new web projects, Blue Shark Digital are here to manage this process from the initial concept right through to the delivery, involving our clients at every stage. For more information on previous projects and to ascertain if your business could benefit from a new online portal, please contact us below.

Website improvement


Blue Shark Digital can help with a style refresh of your website as an alternative to a new website build. A web refresh can have a dramatic impact on the brand perception, right through to the performance of the website, whether it be from driving sales or reaching other online objectives.

Website visibility

INCREASE web visibility

Driving more traffic to your website is essential. We can assist with this through our SEO services, however from a design perspective, there are several components and strategies that can be used to increase the visibility of your website online.

Website security

WEB security

Worried about your website security and the integrity of your customer information. Blue Shark Digital can assist your business to ensure that customer data remains safe and secure and that your website is resistant to any phishing or viral attack.

Ecommerce websites | get yours now


Do you wish to sell your products online? We can assess if your website is suitable to support e-commerce and guide you through the entire process. Our conversion tracking software can also provide in-depth analysis to determine what is driving these sales, from the online advertising medium or indeed the organic search term or keyword, although for greater efficiencies and return on marketing spend.

Mobile responsive

MOBILE responsiveness

Is your website mobile-responsive? If not, you could be losing a lot of customers who may find it extremely irritating to use your website. In order to rectify this, again Blue Shark Digital can guide you through the process.

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