Digital Strategy Development & Implementation

How can we sell online?  The question that every business owner has contemplated at some point. Becoming visible to potential customers requires a lot of expertise and time. This is where Blue Shark Digital can help. We can learn and understand your business and research competitors and your market. Based on this, we can add our expertise and formulate a Digital Marketing Strategy to help your reach your goals online, whatever your budget.

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Think about the last 5 things you bought, think about the 5 most expensive things you have ever bought, think about the last 5 times you traveled anywhere.... you will have most likely researched online or purchased online most of these. Online is everything, don't miss the opportunity by not exploiting Digital Marketing.

Online Marketing Strategy

Every business needs an Online Marketing Strategy. What do you want to achieve online? This should not be a short-term fix like creating a Facebook page or a static website. Think about where you want to be in 5 years in an ideal situation. You can achieve this with a robust and achievable Digital Marketing Strategy. This is the starting point you need to consider for your business. 

Online Branding

How is your business or organisation viewed online? Is this the same as offline? If you wish to promote a professional and highly-competent product or service, then this needs to reflected in the perception of online customers. Online Branding is crucial to reaching your online goals.


Ranking highly on Google is essential for most businesses. Many agencies and cold-callers will entice businesses with promises of first positions on Google. No-one can guarantee these claims and these unsubstantiated sales or marketing messages should always be ignored. The only way you can ensure you rank highly on search engines is to develop and implement a Digital Strategy which aims to incrementally increase your ranking for identified keywords (search terms) over time. This is known as Search Engine Optimisation. To view more about SEO click below.

Digital Marketing idea generation

Innovative Idea Generation

Blue Shark Digital, unlike other agencies, refuse to follow a Digital Marketing Strategy template which is applied to every client. Each business and/or organisation is different, has contrasting online goals, budgets and aspirations. Therefore each strategy will be unique with the clients business/organisation at the core. Fundamental to the success of these bespoke plans, is fresh ideas and innovation. We pride ourselves on thinking outside the box, and utilising the latest digital marketing and online advertising techniques to give clients a significant ROI on their campaigns.

Website audit for errors


Is your website fit for purpose? As online shopping becomes more and more important, customers have come to expect to purchase a product or book a service online. Many companies, including large PLCs fail and fail badly in this regard. If your Digital Marketing plan is to incorporate an e-commerce element then you may need to consider embarking on a new website project. The Blue Shark Digital website audit can determine if this is necessary. A new website project may thus become central to your Digital Marketing Strategy. It would be unproductive to drive converting traffic to a website, if the mechanics of the website were obsolete or the website wasn't fit for purpose.

Strategic Digital Marketing

Strategic planning and timescales

Blue Shark Digital can manage the entire project plan process, from initial conceptualisation to delivery and measurement. Each activity can follow a critical path to ensure that project runs smoothly and is manageable.

Market & Competitor Research

market and competitor research

A crucial, and often overlooked, element of any Digital Strategy involves analysing the market in which your business/organisation operates. What avenues can you exploit and over what timescales? There is also no point competing against the market leader on aspects of digital if this is unrealistic, etc. Market and Competitor Research allows for realistic refinements to the Digital Strategy to be considered and implemented.

Marketing budget planning


Blue Shark Digital can manage the Digital Marketing budget for you. At the outset of the Digital Marketing Strategy implementation, agreed budgets and targets will be set, and this will be basis on how we will evaluate the success of the project or campaign(s).

Digital budget planning

DAY-TO-DAY Management

We understand that every client will have different needs and requirements will their Digital Marketing. We also appreciate that each client will have different resources in relation to marketing and digital. Blue Shark Digital can assist with the day-to-day management of these digital and marketing resources and supplement them with our own to ensure that the strategy goals are met. Simultaneously, Blue Shark Digital offers Digital Training in which to up-skill your employees on all things digital, from basic to expert level.


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