Understanding what competitors are doing is crucial. As equally important is understanding the latest developments and trends that may offer competitive advantage. The digital world never stands still, it is always evolving. Those businesses that acknowledge this and are dynamic and embrace change, take full advantage at the expense of competitors. Blue Shark Digital consider ourselves at the tip of the spear of the latest developments. Our client's are kept fully-informed of the latest trends and developments.

Some of the research services that we offer include:

Competitor analysis

competitor/Market analysis

Analysing what competitors are doing digitally, where they are weak and where our client's can take advantage. Through this process we can identify best-practice and benchmarks in which can influence all other digital services.

Keyword Research Northern Ireland


What people are searching for on Google is key. Analysing what is driving traffic to your website is step one. Measuring what search terms (keywords) are driving enquiries and sales is of paramount importance. These converting keywords are your company's crown jewels, and affect all digital advertising, particularly PPC.

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