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Blue Shark Digital takes pride in creating success stories. We are a Digital Marketing agency that provides bespoke solutions for Northern Ireland businesses who require expert support to advertise and market their product or service online. Blue Shark Digital offers end-to-end online marketing to clients, based on individual needs and business goals.  Blue Shark Digital partners with organisations to facilitate growth and ensure all digital marketing activity is innovative, optimised and profitable. 


Just as a shark stalks their prey, bypassing smaller prizes in pursuit of their ultimate goal, we aim to help Northern Ireland businesses target the right customers. For us, generating website traffic is easy, it is driving the right traffic that is the challenge. We help companies and organisations drive converting traffic to their website, i.e. customers who are ready to buy a product or service or are ready to take the desired action.

This approach is central to all our digital marketing and online strategies. Sure, everyone would like more traffic to their website, but if these visitors do not view the content as relevant and have no desire to engage, interact and ultimately purchase, then resources have been wasted generating these website sessions. 

Many digital agencies will suggest a website traffic strategy which targets the low-hanging fruit, with mass appeal. We target customers who have a real intention in buying your product, using your service and converting to whatever your online goal is. Imagine walking past a shop that had stylish jeans on a window display, but when you entered the shop you find out you can't buy the jeans, and the shop doesn't even sell jeans. As a customer you would be annoyed. Conversion Rate Optimisation is all about getting the right customers to your website and enticing them to buy. This is at the heart of everything Blue Shark Digital does. 

A website without conversion rate optimisation is like a car with no wheels – it will take you nowhere.
— Jeremy Abel

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