Customer Match Targetting

Google has announced that Customer Match Targeting has now been rolled out. Blue Shark Digital have just uploaded our customer database and verified this is working. 

In short, Customer Match Targeting targets a companies database through adwords. This process allows adwords advertisers the opportunity to target search and display PPC ads to their customer database. Instead of relying on the placement or search term, or indeed re-marketing, advertisers can now target specific customers (or potential customers), on Google search, Gmail or Youtube. 

And it's not just your customers you can target. It can be hot leads, potential customers or lapsed customers. Different ads can be served to different customer groups or segments, in fact, you can target anyone as long as you have their email address. 

Google have also announced that once your database is uploaded, you can utilise the Similar Audiences tool to reach customers with similar traits and demographics to expand you reach. Similar Audiences has been available for a while on the GDN for Display ads, so this is a welcome development, potentially increasing the returns on your campaign. 

Again, another ingenious advertising method from Google. The effectiveness of email marketing (when tracked via CPA) can be enhanced as well as advertising to existing and potential customers with acutely targeting search and display adverts.

Blue Shark Digital will certainly be advocating the use of Customer Match Targetting to clients, whether it be for branding or to specifically promote a re-purchase of a specific product/services or indeed cross-selling and upselling other products/services in the range. For more information on this and how it could help your business, visit