Google is currently testing a new feature on search results pages. In a change of tact from prompting additional common questions around the topic, Google is now linking other queries users have asked. 

What this means is that users can use this new way of exploring common and associated queries. 

In 2015, Google launched a new feature named "people also ask" that inserted a box of additional query dropdowns into the main Google search results pages. Since then, Google have been testing displaying more of these queries as the user clicked on them.

That dynamic loading “people also ask” feature is now officially live in both the desktop and mobile Google search results. Google’s Satyajeet Salgar announced it on Twitter over the weekend and shared a GIF of how it works on mobile. 

Whether this feature is simply a UX/navigational assist for users or, as the sceptic in me believes, Google will look to exploit means to commercialise this. For example. what is someone ask for recommendations? In a challenge to the Facebook "ask for recommendations" feature, it would make commercial sense for Google to offer paid placements for key recommendation requests from users. 

To be continued on this front no doubt!