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Newspaper and print advertising is on the way out. Recent consumer surveys have shown that 81% of all consumer purchases of products and services firstly are researched online. Think about the last thing you bought, did you compare prices, seek more information, and/or buy online? 

SEO is all about placing your company as high as possible on Google and other Search Engine results pages. Online advertising can support SEO and also drive online goals. To achieve this, requires technical expertise. Blue Shark can help with this. 

How we helped Shore Tyres Newtownabbey

Using one of our clients, as an example, Shore Tyres. They sell tyres, brakes and exhausts in Newtownabbey. Previously they used a Facebook page as their only online presence. They also spent £1000+ per month on newspaper ads in the North Belfast News, Newtownabbey Times, Local Shopper and Quest Direct. They were unsure if these ads brought any sales. With the help of Blue Shark Digital we sought to make their marketing much more targeted, cost-effective and measurable. 

Shore Tyres now have a website that aesthetically, looks much better than their competitors. More importantly, it functions a lot better also. Their site was built by us with SEO in mind, to drive the right traffic to their site. Within one month since launch they have had 800 unique visitors, and over 300 web enquiries, 187 of which have led to sales. 57% of this traffic was driven by targeted PPC ads on Google and Bing. With a £500 PPC budget, Shore Tyres has driven over 100 sales of tyres, brakes and exhausts, making an amazing 660% return on investment. We envisage that this performance will only improve over the next few months as the quality score of the (new) website increases naturally and via our SEO strategy. 

Having grew up in Glengormley and lived in Newtownabbey and closeby, our consultants not only know Digital Marketing very well, we know the local area. 

Contact us now to see how we can help your business make an immediate impact, just like Shore Tyres. 

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